Collection: Equipment Rentals

Rent any of our serve-your-own Kombucha options from a 5L Countertop Mini Kegerator to a full 18.9L Keg. Small gatherings, large groups, weddings, Office parties, Family and friends gatherings. 

Our Countertop Mini Kegerator is for use with 5L Mini kegs, Jockey Boxes hold a maximum of 2 6L Kegs. Both options are perfect for a small gathering or event and include everything needed to serve your guests with the exception of the filled kegs.

  • Filled keg sizes are available from 5L( specific to the countertop Mini Kegerator)  up to 18.9L with 6 flavours to choose from.
  • Picnic Pack includes a single CO2 Regulator - 1 CO2 Cartridge and a Picnic Tap
    • great in a small cooler and is the most economical way to serve a single flavour for a small group.
  • We cannot guarantee the availability of our Equipment, therefore pre-ordering at least 30 days in advance will provide a greater chance of availability for your specific date(s) required.  Contact us directly to pre-order and reserve your dates.