Mindfully hand crafted in Kamloops, BC

We proudly support BC local farmers and producers, sourcing all our ingredients within BC. We are committed to preserving the Thompson Okanagan region through the signature of the 7 Affirmations Pledge, which guides us in our decisions, always keeping the 7 Affirmations for 7 Generations at the forefront of our minds.

Save Water

We implement sustainable practices in our brewing process, ensuring minimal water usage. For instance, we recapture the cooling water post-brewing and use it for filling our primary fermenters.

Organic Waste

All our organic waste, including tea leaves, peels and fruit pulp is responsibly composted.

Reduce Waste

All our soft plastics, including label backing and shipping bags, along with cardboard and recyclable plastic containers, are diligently sorted and sent to the local recycling facility. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our glass bottles, which are not only recyclable but also returnable for a deposit at any BC Return It Center, ensuring a full cycle of reuse and waste reduction.

Sustainable Solutions

We advocate for sustainable serving practices by endorsing the utilization of reusable serving alternatives. This includes our use of glass and stainless steel for taste testing cups, alongside the provision of reusable serving cups, either through purchase or our free rental services.

Why we can't can our beverages

After a comprehensive study we've made our decision.