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KMK Living Inc.

Jockey Box Rental

Jockey Box Rental

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Rental Period
  • Portable Jockey Box holds a maximum of 2 6L mini Kegs & includes up to 2 CO2 Regulator(s) & a single CO2 cartridge per regulator.
  • 2-day minimum (e.g. Pickup Friday & Return Sunday); 7-day maximum
  • A $150 Cash deposit is required upon pick up and is returned at drop off providing items are in good working condition. Excessively soiled items will be charged a $25 cleaning fee

The price does not include product Keg(s), or any extra CO2 cartridges

  • We cannot guarantee the availability of our Jockey Boxes, therefore pre-ordering at least 30 days in advance will provide a greater chance of availability for your specific date(s) required.  Contact us directly to pre-order and reserve your dates.
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